Key Communications is a full service provider for business telephony and structured wiring. The following are brief descriptions of the types of support we offer.

Warranty Programs:

Initial Warranty
Every new Panasonic system installation comes with a 2-year warranty. Any defects or failures encountered with the equipment will be repaired and/or resolved at no charge during this period. While you are getting used to your new system, certain features and functions may need adjusting to better serve you. Within reason, these adjustments are provided without charge through the first year. Physical moves, additions or changes are chargeable and invoiced at the current time & materials rate per incident.

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Extended Warranty
At the end of the initial warranty period, you are automatically eligible to extend the warranty coverage for your new system. A proposal will be presented to you prior to the expiration date of the initial warranty period. If there is a lapse in warranty coverage, a system inspection may be necessary, and any defects or adjustments may need to be remedied before a new warranty agreement can be put into effect. In such cases, a service charges may apply to bring the system back to proper working order.

Service Programs:

Per call / as needed basis
The current charge out rate for service is 88.00 per man/hour. This rate applies for both on-site and remote service. A service visit will incur a flat 44.00 charge per incident and the charges begin 45 minutes after being dispatched. These service rates along with material cost, apply to service incidents as well as moves and changes to your system.

Service Contract
This option offers our customers with a 10% discount on the standard per call rate structure by purchasing predefined time blocks in advance. This option most often applies to customers who require more frequent attention than the average business for changes, additions or updates to their phone system. Any material cost will be billed separately outside the contracted time block. Statements will be issued periodically to provide updated account status. Once the time block gets down to 2 hours remaining, an invoice for another 10-hour service time block is issued to replenish the account.

Temporary Disaster Answering Service
Temporary Service coverage can be prearranged for your company in the event of a service outage. For more
information on how this service can benefit your business, click on this link.