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Phone Equipment


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VoIP - Voice over Internet Protocol
SIP - Session Initiated Protocol

Temporary Disaster Answering Service

Phone Equipment

Key Communications sells, installs and services Panasonic key systems, PBXs, IP-PBXs and voicemail systems. We can provide professional knowledgeable service for you and offer advice on how to get maximum productivity out of the equipment that you own. If you own Panasonic equipment and you are not satisfied with its performance, call us for an on-site evaluation. We may be able to identify new ways of using your system to better serve you. Many times the system was not properly applied to your needs. Or maybe your needs have changed while the phone system stayed customized for your old mode of operation. Give us a call and allow us to discover ways to make your present system work better for you. Looking at your main phone equipment, if you see any of the following products hanging on your wall, we can offer service and support:

VoIP (Voice over Internet Prototcol)

VoIP is the new industry term describing the means for transmission of voice communications over over IP networks such as the Internet or other packet-switched networks.  Synonyms to VoIP are IP telephony, Internet telephony and voice over broadband.

VoIP often requires fine-tuning the transmission of data using routers and switches capable of prioritizing the voice data over other data to ensure successful and on-time delivery between the host PBX and the remote station equipment.  In certain cases, a pair of routers is necessary to create a Virtual Private Network (VPN) often referred to casually as “a tunnel” connection.

The newest Panasonic systems offer VoIP solutions in three different and distinct applications: VoIP Gateway, IP Telephone and IP Softphone.

A VoIP Gateway solution involves linking two or more PBXs via a common network connection.  This might apply to offices in separate cities or simply separated buildings throughout a campus environment.  With PBXs linked via a VoIP gateway, the resources of the individual systems can be combined and made accessible to all extensions in all “linked” PBXs.  The extensions would be capable of calling each other direct without incurring long distance dialing fees or tying up incoming lines.  The extensions may also be allowed access to lines in other PBXs.  In order for all PBXs to share or reside on a common network, a VPN must be established requiring appropriate network hardware.

IP phone sets are connected back to a host PBX on a common IP network.  When connecting to the host PBX via an Internet connection, a VPN must be established similar to the VoIP gateway scenario. 

A third form of VoIP communications is called Softphone.  Softphone is a software application running on a PC or laptop.  A common application of softphone is the traveling sales representative.  Softphone must operate on the common PBX network, but does not require the same VPN hardware as gateway and IP telephone.  The user simply establishes a VPN client session back to the host PBX location.  Using a headset connected to the PC and with the PC connected to the Internet, the user operates the softphone to place and receive calls as an extension of the host PBX.  As such, softphone can be made available anywhere that the PC can establish an Internet connection.

SIP (Session Initiated Protocol)

SIP or Session Initiated Protocol is another standard for delivering trunk service to your phone system via the Internet.  SIP services can provide direct in-dial capability (DID) which until recently was often cost prohibitive to a small business. 

Broadvox provides integrated VoIP services like SIP Trunking, SIP origination and termination,
and hosted communications to businesses and carriers supported by a 24x7 Network Operations Center.  We at Key Communications use Broadvox trunks exclusively for phone line service.  Some of our customers are using Broadvox products to supplement and enhance their market presence.  Call us to learn more on how this service can improve your business communications.

Multitech is another U.S. manufacturer that Key Communications represents.  They provide solutions for applying VoIP and SIP technology to some of the older phone systems.  Depending on the phone system that you have installed, use of Multitech products may allow you to take an extension of the main office and “extended” it to a remote or home office.  Incoming calls to the office can then be transferred to a remote VoIP extension in a distant location.  The Multitech solutions may be able to operate with or without a VPN connection.


Key Communications installs paging products manufactured in the USA by Valcom and Bogen.  There are many ways that paging products can be integrated to your phone system offering page access from any phone to loudspeakers and/or horns for warehouse, shop or outdoor applications. 

Temporary Disaster Answering Service

Key Communications is pleased to offer our customers temporary disaster recovery for unexpected outages due to phone line failure, T-1 outage, power outage, phone equipment failure or service coverage for your business while relocating or transitioning to a new carrier. In such cases, a message identifying your company will greet the caller and record their message or offer alternate instructions for contacting you during this event. This service includes the ability to take a message which will be delivered immediately to an alternate phone or cell phone and can also appear as a .wav file to be delivered to one or more email addresses.

To discuss ways in which this service can be applied to your business, please call or e-mail our office. To test-drive the service for yourself, call 518-328-0265. The message you leave will be forwarded to you as an example of what you can expect in the event of an actual service disruption.

Plan ahead by calling us today to arrange to have your personalized company greeting set up in advance so that you will be ready for the next unexpected incident. Then relax knowing that when needed, a simple phone call will have your businesses calls answered and important messages delivered immediately.