Leading Research Firm Confirms Panasonic is #1, with Substantial Lead over Competition, in PBX Phone Systems, Under 100 Extension Market

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Are you shopping for or considering a change in telephone or internet providers?


FLASH!  There are many alternative solutions available for local phone service.  Before you make any changes to you present service, take a moment to give us a call to discuss your ideas, intentions and needs.  We are in a position to help qualify your plans.  It’s a decision that can have a huge impact on your business – especially if it does not happen as you’ve been led to believe.  We have experience with most of the carriers in the market and can help you make a more confident and informed decision.


Temporary Disaster Answering Service

Key Communications now provides Temporary Disaster Answering Service for you –our valued customers - in cases when an unexpected outage would otherwise prevent your customers from getting through to your office.
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 Buying phone equipment through on-line auctions?

Please note that products purchased on line will not be supported and will void any Key Communications Service Warranty in effect. When you purchase used equipment online, you run the risk of introducing problems to a perfectly good installation.  Money saved though online deals can be nullified immediately if the equipment does not operate in harmony with the rest of your system.  If you see a deal that you cannot pass up, consult with us first.  We are strictly forbidden by Panasonic to purchase or sell hardware online for the Panasonic product line.  We take your installation seriously and would rather avoid having to repair such problems that can easily be avoided.