Daylight Saving Time

Daylight Saving Time - for more information on why check out this link for WIKIPEDIA:

Daylight Saving Time and the correct time in your phone system and voicemail can impact your business in a great many ways, from something so simple as an employee starting or leaving an hour early because your phone displayed an the incorrect time, to a customer calling in and receiving the wrong message from the voicemail system (I am sorry but the office is closed...). In these times in business it is important to take every call and never turn-off a potential customer, so make sure your systems are on time and up to date. The list below contains daylight savings time start and end dates.

Year DST Begins (2AM) DST Ends (2AM)
2009 March 8 November 1
2010 March 14 November 7
2011 March 13 November 6
2012 March 11 November 4
2013 March 10 November 3
2014 March 9 November 2

Phone system: There are many different phone systems, and because of that, there are many different directions for modifying the system time, depending on what system you have.

The instructions below should work on a majority of Panasonic phone systems. If you are still experiencing difficulties with changing the time, contact Key Communications support, and we will be able to assist you.

The following directions must be done from a display phone (most likely the reception phone) in it's idle state (handset in cradle, not on the phone):

  • Press the "Program" button followed by dialing "**1234"
  • Press "SP-PHONE" Button 3 times
  • Dial in the correct time on the keypad (Use the button below the arrow to move cursor to adjust the minutes if necessary) Press the "AUTO-DIAL/STORE" button to save the changes
  • Lift the handset and put it back into the cradle. The time in the display should then be correct on all phones.

Voicemail System: Some voicemail systems will adjust the clock according to the phone system settings. On older models, they will need to be adjusted manually. Because your voicemail system is a critical part of your business, and the material recorded on it very sensitive, we will not provide information to modify the system time in a posted format over the internet. Please contact Key Communications support and we will be glad to further assist you.