Network Cameras

Cameras are everywhere!  That’s because the technology has made installation and implementation much easier than what it used to be in the not so distant past.  And Panasonic is one of the industry leaders in quality imaging.  As a Panasonic contract dealer, we at Key Communications have access to the entire product line of network cameras.  We can apply and install a design suited to your needs whether it involves one camera or a couple dozen. 

There are many useful applications for cameras in the workplace.  Netcams can be easily introduced to “ride” on your existing computer network allowing you to view the cameras through a browser from your computer.  More elaborate installations can include recording and remote access for viewing the camera images from anywhere.  As Panasonic says, “See there when you can’t be there”.

Simple cameras are mounted in a “fixed” position and transmit video images for a given area such as a parking lot, loading dock or construction site.  Other models provide for remote control including tilt, pan, zoom and some models can transmit audible from the camera site to the speakers of a PC accessing the camera.  Several models can be configured to “come alive” only when there’s activity detected in the area.

To discuss further benefits of Netcams, please call our office.

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